Friday, January 16, 2009

I Gave My Love a CD Mix That Had Rose Scent

Indian tech blogger Sudeep Naik takes a new product for a spin: scented CD-Rs.  The discs smell like rose—a scent that manufacturer Moser Baer claims will last for two to three months. Naik figures it’s the perfect medium for the mix tape he promised his girlfriend—and just in time for Valentine’s day.

This reminds some of us of the legendary Charles of the Ritz Aroma Disc Player from the 1980s.  Scent was released as the player heated a fragrance-impregnated disc.  The unit featured discs called Movie Time (popcorn) and Holding Hands (lilac musk) and was written up in The New Yorker’s Talk of the Town.

You might think twice about playing a scented CD if your laptop is the Asus F6 model that comes with the scented lid. Will Musky Black work well with rose?


Anonymous said...

ah! I posted one about a rock CD scented with jasmine!
so now it is becoming a fashion!
I will write about Melissa Shoes - the pvc silicon fashion shoes from Brazil. They smell like jelly beans with bubble gum and they are not for children...

Avery Gilbert said...

+Q Perfume:

Are Melissa Shoes like the Crocs that are so popular here? Seems like it would be easy to give them a scent too.

Anonymous said...

Nope dear, melissa shoes are a fashion statement. They have Vivian Westwood, Karim Rashid, and other international designers designing their products.
I know crocs it is a fever, but Melissa is different.
How would you scent crocs?