Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Smellscapes: Almond Blossoms in California

Dennis Wyatt of The Manteca Bulletin writes about a fantastic seasonal smellscape unfolding in the orchards of California’s Central Valley.
Just over a week ago the almond trees were bare, skeletons
against a winter sky. A week from now, blotches of green will
start appearing everywhere among branches as the most
magical snowfall on earth starts—gently falling almond blossoms.
Today, the sweet scent of the pink and white blossoms is drifting for miles over the almond growing towns that lie between the Bay Area and Yosemite.
Not venturing out into the countryside the next few days is
akin to cheating yourself of the chance to see nature in all of
its regal glory. Take time Saturday before rainy weather returns.
Drive down Jack Tone with the windows down. Walk along
Union Road north or south of Manteca at the edge of the city limits.
Bicycle down side roads out of Manteca and west of Ripon – Veritas,
Tinnin, Sedan, Brady, Fig, and Frederick to name a few.
What I’d give to be teleported to Manteca right now.

[Photo by Colleen Tompkins]

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