Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Sniffs

Is perfume like beef, pork, milk and eggs? That’s what Yale Hollander asks as he sizes up the Fragrance Foundation’s late entry into cooperative marketing.

You’ve tried all the flavored vodkas and you’re sick of icky appletinis. Where do you turn? To California, of course, where artisan distiller Lance Winters is collecting plant material to flavor a new gin: “a Joaquin Miller blend that would evoke the bay laurel, cedar and fennel found in the Oakland hills.”

Make a note, Taj. Celebrity fragrance mania sets a new low: Van Wilder is the new Hugo Boss.

Hide the children—it’s a not safe for Father’s Day fragrance. Then again, Heather’s two mommies might like it too.

1 comment:

BitterGrace said...

Just ask any independent dairy or cattle farmer what he (or she) thinks about cooperative marketing. It's almost always bad for the little guy.

As for "Vulva"--coals to Newcastle, I would say.