Friday, August 13, 2010

Green and Stinky: UK Biofuel Plant Upsets Locals

Al Gore, call your aromatherapist.

Euphemism alert: According to the BBC, the biofuel company plans to reduce the offending odor by installing “oxidising equipment.” Apparently that’s how the environmentally committed media refer to exhaust stack burners.

Exit question 1: Should a biofuel company buy carbon offsets when it de-smellifies its production line by burning the exhaust?

Exit question 2: Should the people who deal with odor problems at composting facilities and biofuel plants be counted as “green jobs”?


~x~ said...

i still can't understand why i can't smoke in new jersey.
i mean, shut down one of those mystery toxic weirdness towers and let smokers be for ten years.
it's probably *healthier*

Avery Gilbert said...


Could be worse. An acquaintance just returned from his first trip to San Francisco where he got a ticket for smoking a cigarette in Golden Gate Park.

Spark up a doobie in public? No problem. Take an outdoor nicotine break and you are a public menance.

~x~ said...

why can't non smokers understand our simple message of peace?

Anonymous said...

The whole biofuel idea is a bit topsy-turvy to start off with. Especially when they start making monocultures of arable or forest land.

By the way, I'd really love to invite you to a perfume art gallery event in New York next month! I've been recommending your book to everyone I work with. Is there anywhere I can drop you an email? Mine is

Avery Gilbert said...


Not to mention cultural diversity. Aren't tobacco smokers just celebrating our Native American heritage?

Avery Gilbert said...


New York perfume art gallery event? Color me there.

Sarah McCartney said...

Question 1) No
Question 2) No

(And do go to Nukapai's event. I was at the London event and it was magnificent in ways you'd never imagine. Just don't picture a typical gallery, imagine the complete opposite.)

~x~ said...

I believe in celebrating my native heritage at least ten times a day.