Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Sniffs

Speaking of Nasal NIMBYs, isn’t there a legal phrase in Latin that means “law firm of insufferable, overbearing douchebags”?

Someone’s taken the trouble of rating the “Top 5 Gassiest Dog Breeds.” No surprises—bulldogs and boxers both make the list—but I wish there was some data behind the rankings. [Via Tracey Beckerman.]

Is it the economy? Retail perfume theft is back in the news. Plus another big heist in Florida.

Do you have £35 burning a hole in your pocket? Then you can buy a scratch-and-sniff poster that “smells like the moon.” Hey, Buzz Aldrin, pull my finger!

And this exhibit of scented artwork sounds like fun.

Added October 16, 2010:

A new biography of Coco Chanel explores the business side of her success in fashion and fragrance.


Phlox said...

Funny, I was thinking about perfume thefts this morning - Sephora Canada has recently fixed these irritating plexiglass panels in front of their stock, so you have to flag down a salesperson whenever you want to grab a bottle of eau sauvage.

You can get around them easily enough (just pull them "up and under," as it were), but it looks mighty suspicious. At least this'll cure someone's spending habit; that's for sure...

Avery Gilbert said...


Plexiglas anti-theft barriers? Eeeuuuw! Great if you want to put your product on a par with the razor blades in the CVS drugstore.

Part of Sephora's lure is this vast array of perfume begging to be plucked from the shelf. Put it behind a barrier and the purchase-pull is, as you point out, highly attenuated.