Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Mighty Drop in the Bucket

Ah, to be alive once again in the heady days of pre-launch publicity, back in December, 2009, when The Fragrance Foundation was ready to unleash its epic new advertising campaign:
A dynamic, key component of the multi-media strategy will be an extremely fun, interactive and innovative microsite “” designed to bring the campaign to life. The site will be the central hub of the campaign, designed to inform, engage and excite the consumer about fragrance. With a few clicks, you will be able to find a fragrance, design your own bottle, read personal perfume stories, get tips and hints from fragrance insiders including how to wear, frequently asked questions and current trends in fragrance. will harness all the power of social networking to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and featured blogs.

“It’s all about the transformative powers of fragrance and the endless possibilities only limited by your imagination”, comments Stephen Niedzwiecki, owner, founder and creative director of the influential New York based advertising and design company YARD, who created the campaign and developed the microsite together with his business partner and planning director Ruth Bernstein.
Checking the Alexa web traffic rankings this morning, we noticed that had vanished from the radar: “We don’t have enough data to display the traffic metrics for”

Heckuva job, Stevie.

From the get-go, we didn’t hesitate to call this one lame campaign.

One year ago we drew attention to the nosedrive in OMD’s web traffic. Our little snark fest is now the fourth result on a Google search for “one mighty drop.”

Why has traffic now plunged to Alexa extinction? It appears the OMD site has returned to the mother ship: it redirects to The Fragrance Foundation home page, where there is little trace of the former “dynamic,” “extremely fun,” “interactive” microsite. At the time of its humiliating reabsorption, there were only 12 other sites linking to it. As for the rest of the multi-media strategy, the OMD Twitter feed has a grand total of 146 followers, and its Facebook page has 382 likes.

Will the last visitor please turn out the lights?

P.S. Can you spot the missing anatomical feature on the model The Fragrance Foundation is using to promote perfume use? That’s right! She has no nostrils.


Nathan Branch said...

You really do take a lot of glee whacking those final nails into the coffin.

Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

I'm just enjoying the view from the peanut gallery.

I hope the fragrance companies that are paying Rochelle Bloom to pay Stephen Niedzwiecki feel they are getting their money's worth.