Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scent Marketing: Selena Gomez Gets Appy

Ingenue places a start-up bet in Postcard on the Run’s $750,000 funding round. (The company’s app lets you print and send postcards of photos from your iOS or Android device.) Her cash is probably not worth as much to the company as her 8,000,000 or so Twitter followers.
Postcard on the Run competes with Postagram and the new Apple Cards. What is Postcard on the Run’s standout feature? Scratch-and-smell scents on your postcards.

No, really. For an extra 50 cents, on top of the usual $1.49, you can embed the scent of sunscreen into the wish-you-were-here card you send from Hawaii. Other fragrances include chocolate, popcorn and holiday spice.
Neato! Postcards are a bit Pony Express, but people still like to stick ‘em on the fridge.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, Florida:
A $2 million renovation of the Mahaffey Theater with features such as air ducts that spray a coconut-mango scent in the lobby was unveiled Wednesday night to civic leaders, city and county officials, the media and invited guests.
Nice. How long before they start tuning the scent to particular acts?

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