Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Critical Moment in Monrovia

In political news stories, “stink” is usually a metaphor for corruption. But in Liberia, the stink is literal and it’s emanating from newly renovated restrooms in the capitol building. The stench has caused heated debate among legislators:
“It is beyond my thinking for a man, who requested for this building to host presidential ball to come here at about 8:00 am to complain of bad smell. This place was used by thousands of people, and definitely you as normal human being should expect offensive smell”, he responded.
Wait a minute. Smelly visitors to the capitol? That rings a bell.

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NadineisthatU said...

Well, it is better than an outhouse, but I think the water flow has been diverted to the friends and family of the political backers. Whatever, flushing power deficiencies can happen anywhere. We are doomed to experience a lot of it in cities like Atlanta, etc., where water is at a premium. But, as always, there are 'diversion schemes' a la CHINA TOWN.