Monday, May 14, 2012

Now on Twitter

Never one for the bleeding edge of technology*, I finally decided the time was right to climb onto Twitter. (Hat tip to Nathan Branch for encouraging me to join the 21st Century.)

My handle is @scienceofscent. If you are already on Twitter you can follow me “live” on your preferred device. If not, you can go here and read them at your leisure. I will add a Twitter widget to FirstNerve soon so you can catch up at a glance.

*In my defense, I was an early adopter of email.

**I also jumped quickly onto the “portable” computer trend. I used to lug a 14 pound Toshiba clamshell to Europe on business trips.

***In fact, I’ve never owned a desk top. So nyah nyah to all you little Twittersnappers.


Anonymous said...

Now, when are you coming to FB?

Avery Gilbert said...


As soon as I develop a burning desire to play FarmVille, I guess.

Or when I overcom my pathological fear of becoming Kip Drordy.

Olfacta said...

Welcome to Twit-er! (The newness wears off quickly btw)

Avery Gilbert said...


But I love that new Twitter smell.

Perfumeshrine said...

Sounds great! Twitter is much smarter than FB I always thought and more news-worthy, so following you. :-)
Good luck with the new technology (Is it really that new? There's some nyah nyah right there)