Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrity Mélange: Bon Kristen Jovi Stewart Jennifer Taylor Lopez Swift

Bon Jovi . . . Avon . . . yadda yadda.

Kristen Stewart . . . Balenciaga . . . yadda.

Taylor Swift . . . yadda yadda.

Jennifer Lopez . . . yadda x 18


Katy Josephine said...

The title of your post alone made me lol. I don't mind celebrities marketing a perfume, but could any of them muster an original aromatic thought? Just anyone, really. I mean, aren't they the least bit embarrassed to offer yet another gental floral, white musk perfume? Well, that's not entirely fair. Madonna had the presence of mind to rip off Georgio.

Nathan Branch said...

The only celebrity + perfume house pairing I've found of interest so far is the Tilda Swinton and Etat Libre d'Orange partnership. Everything else is just a great big bucket of meh.

And when I first read about the Bon Jovi/Avon deal, I thought, "Isn't this about twenty years (or more) too late?" Does anyone care about Bon Jovi anymore? I'm finding the concept of dubious commercial value.

Avery Gilbert said...


I've said it before: It's Attack of the Face People.

Come to think of it, I wonder how that whole Justin Timberlake thing is working out for Givenchy/LVMH?

Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

Hey! What the f***, dude? You talkin' s*** about Bon Jovi? He rocks. He kicks f****** a**! You bettah show some f****** respect.

P.S. I wouldn't expect you to f****** understand. It's a Jersey thing.

Nathan Branch said...


And double ha.