Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guns, Bows and B.O.

Mention male B.O. and urban sophisticates will talk about Axe body spray or metrosexual grooming products. The rest of the country will talk about hunting.

Hunters use scent-suppression technology, along with camouflage, as a basic tool to avoid being detected by game. The largest supplier of this technology is ALS Enterprises, Inc., the manufacturer of Scent-Lok® odor reduction hunting apparel, which uses activated charcoal to trap B.O.

Scent-Lok apparel has been sold for years through Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain. Lots of hunters swear by it. About five years ago ALS was sued. According to lawsuit, the activated carbon hunting clothes did not work as advertised and Scent-Lok’s claim to be “odor eliminating” was false. The plaintiffs tried to get their case certified as a class action, which would have meant big money for the attorneys handling it.

ALS and its retailing partners fought back and Federal courts denied class standing two years ago. Then last month a Federal District Court in Florida administered the coup de grace by dismissing the original complaint “with prejudice.” That’s legal jargon for get lost and don’t come back.

By way of putting a formal end to the dispute, a Stipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice was filed with the court. It includes a Findings of Fact section that affirms the effectiveness of Scent-Lok’s activated carbon technology while spanking plaintiff Dennis Pickering up and down the block.

[Via Petersen’s Bowhunting.]

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