Monday, March 25, 2013

The Olfactory Muse Kicks Your Ass

Rick Florino, EIC of, asks Dead Sara singer Emily Armstrong about the story behind the group’s song Lemon Scent:
It’s got its own story. “Lemon Scent” was the last song to be added to the record. I literally had started off with “Lemon Scent”. It didn’t make any sense with the lyrics I was throwing in there. Then, I thought, “Oh, ‘Lemon Scent’, I used to be a cleaner in Los Angeles”. I did house cleaning and stuff. Being a house cleaner in L.A. at my age, people are like, “You’re lower class”. In L.A., there are people who think there’s a certain status quo you need to reach in order to live in L.A. Being from here, it really pisses me off that people think that way. My love-hate relationship with people that are not necessarily from here but come here thinking they’ve got to be a certain way snowballed from that point. You have to have the right car. It’s not very fun. “Lemon Scent” has a lot of those elements of what people think of L.A. and what they think they have to be. Being born and raised and here, we’re like, “That’s not how it is”. A friend of ours came up with the video concept. We just went for it, and it was awesome. It’s our first conceptual video.
OK, then!

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics for those of you trapped in your work cube, and here’s the video link for the rest of you. Play it loud.
You’re not cut out for this
You’ve got that lemon scent
F*** your instincts, everything you do is for somebody else
You’re my breakdown
Your skin like lemon scent
 I just don’t fade well.

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