Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When Compost Attacks, Blame Peabody

A bad smell drifting through Danvers, Massachusetts on Monday had residents in an uproar. How bad was it?
“We were making broccoli rabe and garlic and it was ruining my dinner because I could smell it,” Public Health Director Peter Mirandi told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
If you can smell it while cooking garlic, it’s pretty bad by definition.

BTW it’s worth listening to the audio of Mr. Mirandi’s comment just for his glorious Boston accent. Who says regional accents are fading away?

Mirandi pins the odor on neighboring Peabody, which one might think is a Public Health Director’s version of blaming the dog. But Peabody’s PHD Sharon Cameron raises her hand to accept the foul. She points to large local composting operations and give a cogent and honest explanation of how they can get stinky.

UPDATE June 6, 2013

Well it wasn’t compost. It was lime cake—a byproduct of gelatin production—spread on a local farm as fertilizer. No, I’ve never heard of it before, either.

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