Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shorter, Sharper and More Pungent Than Ever

I follow the scientific literature on olfaction pretty closely because . . . that’s what I do. I enjoy writing about new findings but (a) it’s time consuming, (b) there is just too much to cover, and (c) I still have to earn a living.

So here’s my solution: I’ll tweet about new papers that are worth a comment but not an entire blog post, using the hashtag #AverySez on my Twitter account @scienceofscent. Each tweet contains a link to the original paper. [Something you don’t always get on the Big Time Science Websites.—Ed.] [Effin’ A, Bubba.]

If you don’t follow me on Twitter @scienceofscent you should get off your duff and DO IT NOW. It takes two minutes to start a Twitter account and if you already have one it takes about 250 milliseconds to follow me.

Do I make myself clear?

OK, then.

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