Friday, December 13, 2013

Awaken Your Unconscious Emotions . . . With a Nissan Air Freshener

And now for a light and effervescent video to ease you into the weekend. It comes courtesy of Nissan and it’s about a fragrance designed by George Dodd for the company’s electric vehicle, the Leaf. He may look like an overgrown hobbit, but Dr. Dodd has the Irishman’s gift of making any nonsense sound charming. My favorite scene is where the blond technician babe evaluates an air freshener in a wind tunnel. Let’s just say it opens up new realms of olfactory fantasy.


Anonymous said...

sweet jesus - anything goes. I love all these new 'niche' perfumers sprouting up all over the place. Perfumers in the sense that they've essentially found demonstration formulae on the web, ordered small amount of ingredients, managed to compound said formulae, and put it all in a nice bottle with a pretty label. And if they ever walked by the fragrance counter at Sears, that automatically bestows upon them the much deserved 'Master Perfumer' title.

Avery Gilbert said...


You oversimplify. You make it sound as easy as Napoleon placing the crown on his own head. In fact, the hierarchy of self-appointed titles is subtle and complex. There is, for example, "The World's Foremost Authority on Perfumery" which one gets only after achieving a slurp job in the HuffPo. Lesser titles, such as "The Nose of Coty", can be obtained more easily, for example via a profile in Interview. Some honorifics require more effort: having a fawning acolyte write an entire book about you is the sine qua non for becoming "The Emperor of Scent."

Anonymous said...

ha haaa, love it. Can you think of another industry where the hacks/poseurs that flit about on the periphery get such loving tongue baths?

Actually, I suppose there are significant parallels with the art world, I would imagine wanking it over a blank canvas (and calling it ART!) would be the art world equivalent in that it requires no thought and little effort.

In re: Huffpo slurpie, I did not know one could bedazzle a tux jacket in such a manner. Impressive. As for the Interview piece, I love her kitchen sink approach to naming her favorite scents. Clearly she knows what she's talking about.