Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Video: AIX Scent Fair Panel at the Hammer Museum

If you couldn’t be there to sniff and see it in person, you still have the chance to watch the May 6, 2016 panel that kicked off the AIX Scent Fair at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

It begins with a welcome by the Hammer’s Darin Klein.

Lizzie “Odette Toilette” Ostrum’s keynote talk begins at 00:07:00.

My presentation begins at 00:29:00

Jacquelyn Ford Morie’s presentation starts at 00:43:00

The presentation by TFFCOTNYT starts at 1:10:00

The panel discussion moderated by the Institute for Art and Olfaction’s Saskia Wilson-Brown begins at 1:25:00.



Anonymous said...

Great talks! Why do you call Sissel Tolass a humbug? Why has nobody on the panel heard about the language Nasalo around 1:33:20? She has a background in linguistics ( Her research on language and smell has been published in different journals (e.g. the international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed Journal of Artistic Research cf.

Avery Gilbert said...


Why do I call Sissel Tolaas a humbug? Well, if simply listening to her doesn't convince you, then have a look at these:

Lieder ohne Düfte

Portrait of the artist as a humbug: Sissel Tolaas tells the rubes how they smell

Sissel Tolaas is back

Sissel Tolaas fools some of the people all the time