Friday, April 3, 2009

Smellr: It’s like Flickr, but for your nose

Smellr is a highly-scalable, open-architecture, social-media environment that was designed from the ground up to maximize the leverage of user-generated content and empower user-content syndication. Metrics-friendly and multimedia feed-enabled to extend and enhance conversations at all levels across all popular socnet communities, it’s core functionality is object-based, mashable, and fully API-enabled. So, whether you’re a developer or a user, a tagger, a microblogger, a fan of folksonomy, or just a person who’s into smells, we think you’ll find this nimble, Cloud-based, SaaS startup to be a breath of fresh air for social networking.

An April Fools site that has Web 2.0 in stitches. Guess you really have to know the players . . .

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