Monday, May 25, 2009

The Fat Lady Warms Up

The Fat Lady has her finger on the pump spray, the claques are clearing their noses, and the hype begins to build for Christophe Laudamiel’s scent opera, Green Aria

New York Magazine’s Arthur Lubow has the skinny on the upcoming performance and the technology behind it. Lubow scores double big-head intellectual bonus points for using the phrase “Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk” in the same sentence as “Odorama.”

Most ausgezeichnet, Düde!

UPDATE May 28, 2009

More on the back story of Green Aria from Jocelyn Miller at New York Press. A couple of howlers from Laudamiel co-conspirator Stewart Matthew (e.g., “Smokers cant smell”--wrong!) but otherwise quite informative about how the creators view their performance piece.


Nathan Branch said...

So, were you able to attend this performance? I've been looking forward to hearing your impressions.

Avery Gilbert said...


Yes, I caught the final performance 9:30 Monday night. I've been up against deadlines but hope to have a review out tomorrow.