Thursday, July 23, 2009

The FirstNerve BurrOmeter: Play by Givenchy

Name drops: 14
Hubert de Givenchy 
Audrey Hepburn 
Ernest Shiftan 
Francis Fabron 
Jean Guichard 
Dominique Ropion 
Alberto Morillas Ilias Ermenidis 
Françoise Donche 
Jacques Cavallier 
Emilie Coppermann 
Lucas Sieuzac 
Justin Timberlake 
Jean-Claude Ellena 
Frédéric Malle
Bonus points:
Perfumers: 9
Celebrities: 2
Moguls & “Creative Directors”: 2
French: 10
Jean-Claude Ellena Deluxe Triple Bonus Points®: 9

Movie & book allusions: 3
The Da Vinci Code

Bonus Points:

Naming studio and publisher: 2
Nonsensical fragrance description:
neon gourmands: 1
Total BurrOmeter reading for Play: 52 milliburrs

Outlook: Stormy—Popular warm front meets critical arctic air mass


Caitlin Shortell said...

Funny in a mean way. But don't we all have a shtick? Even science has a shtick. Writing about perfume can either be a way to tell stories or make associations or be informative, but it's often dangerously close to ad copy. I've stopped my blog so many times because I realize that all I'm doing is selling stuff without making commission. I didn't set out to do ad copy, I think to myself. It occurs to me that many of us are living, grasping commodities ourselves and that all we can do is perpetually sell ourselves through this very commercial writing. Even so, there is a real appreciation in there, an attempt to tell our own stories through the perfumes and pomades and pop culture trivia plastered onto us until we become pathetic pinatas.

Nathan Branch said...

I think the post is funny in a gently mocking kind of way. Besides, Burr can stand the heat.

"Jean-Claude Ellena Deluxe Triple Bonus Points®: 9"

LOL! Well, I guess he has to keep reminding people that there's this book out there, you know, the one that feature Ellena and Sarah Jessica Parker and . . .