Thursday, July 23, 2009

“Smokey Fifties” by Amy Winehouse

Tough to know how much credence to give this report. Perhaps the Attack of the Face People has descended into the absurd.


Nathan Branch said...

I loved this snarky comment from an anonymous (of course) industry insider:

"Frankly, she doesn’t look like she smells that nice, so doing some positive publicity to prove it doesn’t just smell of stale booze and fags would be vital.”

Avery Gilbert said...


Heh. Which reminds me, I was almost impressed by Justin Timberake's comment in WWD:

Unlike most of the rest of Hollywood, Timberlake said he hasn’t considered putting his own moniker on a fragrance bottle. “I could see doing a William Rast fragrance, but that’s as far as I think I’ll take it,” he said, joking that “there’s some level of narcissism you have to put in check” to do one.