Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going Rogue, Smelling Great

Heh. The new Sarah Palin fragrance

Talk about your “polarizing” perfumes. Although when you think about it, this one would sell like a monster.


Olfacta said...

Hmmm...but I wonder what it would smell like. Any ideas, or are we Not Going There?

Nathan Branch said...

I'd buy a Sarah Palin fragrance in a heartbeat. It would be a conversation starter for decades . . . especially if it came in that Moose antler bottle!

Avery Gilbert said...


I think in spoofing the concept Roy Rivenberg put his finger right on it: The opening of her book is wonderfully sensory and olfactive in an upbeat, outdoorsy sort of way.

"Cotton candy and foot-long hot dogs. Halibut tacos and reindeer sausage. Banjo music playing at the Blue Bonnet Stage, baleen etchings, grass-woven Eskimo baskets, and record-breaking giant vegetables grown under the midnight sun."

It already reads like a fragrance brief.

Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

She's high-concept and she resonates with half the women in the country. She's #1 on Amazon and people are waiting in line to meet her. A Palin fragrance would be massively popular.

Plus it would be delightfully subversive. Can you imagine someone wearing it to a party at Andrew Sulllivan's house?

Nathan Branch said...


It would create a singularity that would consume the planet!

And yes, I agree. The money Palin could make off a fragrance would be staggering. I think you should mock something up and approach them with the idea.

Cecile Johns said...

an insult to moose.