Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Odorless Anti-Theft Smell?

The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University reports that Kappy Brun, the campus grounds supervisor, plans to deter tree thieves this Christmas season by spraying “a special skunk spray” on the school’s pine trees.

Fair enough—no one likes tree thieves. But when we read this quote from Mr. Brun, the alarm on the First Nerve Bogosity Meter nearly made us spill our spiked eggnog:
The smell is not noticeable outside but becomes stronger as the trees warm up inside . . .
Well then, how is a thief supposed to know that he’s cutting down a tainted tree?

Or is this just an olfactory bluff by Groundskeeper Kappy?

1 comment:

BitterGrace said...

Maybe it's a bluff--or maybe Kappy is the outraged type who cares more about smiting the evildoers than protecting the trees.