Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season’s Greetings!

[With apologies to Roger Angell.]

‘Tis the season to be jolly,
Indulge us in a little folly,
With Yuletide rhymes we mention here,
Our friendships in the Blogosphere.
To Mandy Aftel and Foster Curry,
Nuptial wishes but why the hurry?
If there’d been an invitation,
Our gift would’ve been a big sensation.
We wave goodbye to Walter Shelly,
Whose armpit studies were quite smelly,
Odor mappers show it true,
The best one yet is Esther Wu.
When days are dark and barely sunny,
We look for laughs and something funny,
Roja Dove has comic power,
Just like Bernd Beetz in the shower.
Let’s raise a toast to Neil Pendock,
Wine as perfume’s really no shock,
Then let’s share a big risotto,
With Della Chuang and her KyotEau.
Olfactory artists have decked the halls, 
Christophe Laudamiel and Gayil Nalls,
Eliza, Rita and Olfacta,
Comment here as a matter of facta,
Simone is +Q in Brazil,
Her every word gives us a thrill.
Scentimental Fool and Chicken Freak,
Occasionally find the time to speak,
And Nathan Branch the fashion maven,
Let’s us know how we’re behaving.
Maria Browning’s madly spritzing,
BitterGraceNotes intermixing;
Katie Puckrik makes cute videos,
And yours truly stars in one of those,
Of perfumistas girl and boy,
Anya’s Garden is the real McCoy.
S.F.’s Marc Schoenfeld and tipster M.T.,
Supply us much needed frivolity.
We make big fun of Jean-Claude Ellena,
Perfumer’s aren’t heroes, we just keep tellin’ ya.
So off to bed and wait for Santa,
It’s time to finish this last stanza.


Nathan Branch said...

Avery, "maven" is probably the nicest thing anyone's called me in years, though I think Chandler Burr might be having his own personal holiday chuckle over your poetic . . . skills?


Have a great Christmas!

BitterGrace said...

So you're a scientist and a poet--I love a guy who can talk out of both sides of his brain. Merry Christmas!

The Left Coast Nose said...

Hey-- I made the Christmas poem!! Does that mean I've been naughty, or I've been nice...?
Merry Christmas everyone...

Of said...

A poet and a scientist! I knew it!

Scentimental Fool/Perfumaniac said...

This is all kinds of adorable. :)

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Avery, also a poet? Getting better and better!
Lovely...funny...really lovely!
So Did Santa smell of BO after the hard work of delivering all the presents or were you so naughty that he left no surprises for ya?
A huge huge kiss with the taste of sunny days and from Brazil.

p.s. Your blog is by far the most amazing of all!

my virtual gift for you is a seat in front of the sea with a huge passion fruit caipirinha!

Katie Puckrik said...

Thanks for the poetic salute, Avery! Happy New Year - and looking forward to smelling you again!