Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Smelly Web Indexes: March 14, 2010

For the week ending March 14, 2010
The Solo Blog Index
Close: 85
Change: -6
Big movers: FirstNerve +13%, 1000Fragrances +7%, BitterGraceNotes +7%, GlassPetalSmoke -65%, AyalaSmellyBlog -7%, BoisDeJasmin -6%

The Team Blog Index
Close: 117
Change: -2 
Big movers: PerfumeSmellinThings -9%

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close: 27 
Change: -3 
Big movers: TheDryDown -10%, OsMoz -5%

Another down week on all three indexes, with the Solo Blog Index leading the retreat on a six-point drop. In one of its periodic rerankings, Alexa knocked GlassPetalSmoke down 65%; blog owner Michelle Krell Kydd hasn’t posted to the site since December 30. There were smaller declines at KatiePuckrikSmells and BoisDeJasmin. The SBI has not seen levels this low since August 2009.

Performance on the Team Blog Index was mixed; PerfumeSmellinThings was the only large mover. By holding steady over the past couple of months the TBI has outperformed the other indexes. 

The Corporate & Community Site Index plumbed new depths for a third straight week. TheDryDown was down 10% and OsMoz lost 5% for its tenth declining week in a row.

A host of new launches in April might turn things around. However, the stat monkeys in the windowless data vault beneath FirstNerve Manor are jumping up and down and pointing to alarming trends at PerfumeShrine and OsMoz. That usually means they expect an Alexa reranking or an earthquake. Hard to tell.


Carol said...

maybe you should add a few more blogs - for instance, Bonkers about Perfume, Signature Scent, The Left Coast Nose, Muses in Wooden Shoes, Chicken Freak's Obsession....

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

ufa! sweating here...this time I am out of the shooting arena.... LOL

How are you dearest?

Bob Dobalina said...

In other news: Detroit to the hoi polloi - only the city is allowed to stink.

Avery Gilbert said...

Bloody Frida:

Why, exactly?

I already report on 18 solo blogs and track a few more as potential replacements. That's a decent sample size and besides who's going to feed the extra stat monkeys?

On a practical note, three of the four solo sites you mention are startups who've been online 6 months or less. One doesn't yet have an Alexa ranking. (Yes, we were all startups once--what I'm trying to do with the Indexes is track interest in the topic; established sites do this with less "noise" than up-and-comers.)

I'd definitely consider adding more sites to the Team Blog and Corporate & Community indexes. Open to suggestions.

Avery Gilbert said...

+Q Perfume Blog:

When I take a close look at your numbers (and I follow you measurements very closely) I find that your site almost never has more than two down weeks in a row. This week's uptick continues the pattern.

No worries: the prow of the +Q sailboat bobs up and down as it cuts through the waves . . .

Avery Gilbert said...

Bob Dobalina:

Pretty sad for a city that's circling the bowl.

This is interesting because claims brought under the ADA have usually been rejected. Detroit should appeal--but they're so strapped for cash the relatively puny $100K settlement probably looked like a bargain. Result: Another incremental loss of freedom.

BTW don't wear that loud tie around my comment section again--it gives me a headache and I'll sue your ass.

Carol said...

Hey Avery, thanks for the info! I just like those blogs and wanted to share and the downward trend made me a little sad.

Nathan Branch said...

"the stat monkeys in the windowless data vault beneath FirstNerve Manor"

I'm getting a frighteningly clear picture of your domestic life.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

We - me, myself and I love you for taking care of us.
Isn't annoying when people speak on a 3rd voice...I hate that!!


Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

You know, those data just don't compile themselves.

No stat monkeys are harmed in the production of the Smelly Blog Indexes. However, if their Alexa reranking predictions prove incorrect, the chief stat monkey will be punished by having his pocket protector taken away.