Saturday, April 10, 2010


Two of our favorite topics at here at FirstNerve are mammaries and perfume technology. Barbara Herman at Yesterday’s Perfume spent some time in the New York Public Library recently and came up with an historical nugget that combines both enthusiasms. Check out the Bou-K-Bra from a 1948 issue of Vogue

Feeling inspired, we dug around a bit in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office databases. Back in 1922 the Kabo Corset Company of Chicago trademarked the name “Flatter-U” for corsets and brassieres. It doesn’t look like they tried to trademark Bou-K-Bra, and if they filed for a patent on the invention it wasn’t granted.


Perfumaniac said...

Hey Avery,

Surely your use of "dug" was purposefully referencing the defintion of dug as "an udder or breast or teat"? ;)

~x~ said...

this conjures up nursing and pain and stinging and nausea.
i would've denied the patent.

Avery Gilbert said...


I wish I could say that I dig that you dug it, but honestly it must have been subliminal. Just because I included an image of a multimammate Babylonian fertility goddess in my biology thesis doesn't mean I go all Shakespearean in the vocab department.

However, I do have a patentable bronsky-related idea. You know how when a glasses-wearer like myself goes into a place like, oh, say the old Tropicana in West Hollywood, you always come out with nipple prints on your lenses?

[I know. Annoying, right?]

Well, here's the concept: transparent plastic peel-off lens covers, like jockeys use or like the ones on NASCAR windshields.

All I need is a good trade name . . .

Avery Gilbert said...



It actually got me thinking in a different direction.

~x~ said...

punk points for use of "encrusted" in number nine's description.