Thursday, May 27, 2010

WSJ Profiles Christopher Brosius

The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Glader has an excellent short profile of Christopher Brosius, formerly of Demeter and now of CB: I Hate Perfume. The last line of the piece (“He’s also thinking of launching a clothing line.”) is a bit alarming. I met Brosius once at a Fragrance Foundation event in New York where he was wearing a cape and black leather pants with what appeared to be a silver-studded codpiece. 


Then again, maybe he was just ahead of the curve.


La Bonne Vivante said...

I was a bit alarmed by that as well, when I read the article. Hmm...let's hope not!

chayaruchama said...

Ah, Avery...

It is easy to snark on CB.

Say what you will-
He is a brilliant, multi-faceted gent with an amazing intellect, and an excellent background in design and fashion.

Maybe you didn't spend any time in discussion with him yourself ?

I like your cod-pieced fellow, myself.
It was sad indeed, when THAT mode of dress died out ;-0

Avery Gilbert said...


Maybe you need to think more before you comment. I posted a link to a positive review of Brosius and made a passing jest based on my actual experience. You then defend what I didn't attack and make a gratuitous slur while doing so. The fact is I talked to him about his work for twenty minutes--much longer than I wanted to as his breath on that occasion was remarkably foul. Which is neither here nor there in terms of his amazing intellect or design abilities, but hey, you raised the question. Thanks for asking.

Perfumaniac said...

His little shop is worth visiting if you're in the neighborhood. (It's near Beacon's Closet, a wonderful vintage clothing store.)

For some reason, I felt compelled to purchase one of the weirdest, most revolting "perfumes" ever. Like, you probably shouldn't wear it anywhere. It's called Old Fur Coat, and it really does smell like something you could buy at, well, Beacon's Closet! It smells of stale old fur, violet-scented perfume gone bad, powder, every Goodwill you've ever been to, urine and mothballs. Pretty amazing!