Sunday, June 6, 2010

SWI: Playing Catch Up

The Smelly Web Indexes for June 6, 2010

[The SWI weren’t published last week—Ed.]

The Solo Blog Index
Close: 95
Change: +3 [from week ending May 30] 
Big movers: IndiePerfumes +21%, AnyasGarden +19%, FirstNerve -10%

The Team Blog Index
Close: 134
Change: +1 
Big movers: ISmellThereforeIam +5

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close:  8
Change: -3 
Big movers: none

There was not much movement in the Corporate & Community Site Index this week. TheDryDown plunged 30% in the week ending May 23, but climbed right back 30% on May 30, pulling the CCSI out of negative territory. This week TheDryDown was off only 2%. The only big mover on the Team Blog Index was ISmellThereforeIAm, which was up 5% following a 2% gain last week. The Solo Blog Index was steady the past two weeks. AnyasGarden rose 19% following a 5% gain last week; FirstNerve continued to slip after several weeks of light posting. PinkManhattan was down slightly after falling 15% the previous week; overall the site is down 20% in two weeks.

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