Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where's the Vermouth?

Apparently Tilda Swinton’s new perfume is a “below-the-surface gourmand.” You know what that means—it’s martini time!

What, you’re not hip to the latest fragrance drinking games? Then check the comments here and grab your swizzle stick.

Plus: it is just me, or does Ms. Swinton not resemble the “O-face” guy from Office Space?



Nathan Branch said...

I do kind of love the "below the surface" gourmand bit, though. Nothing like self-positioning as the subtle, sly one.

Though I admit, I do genuinely enjoy "Like This" -- probably the best thing the Etat Libre line has yet produced.

~x~ said...

i like how you're all genius times and how bad your photoshopping sucks
i salute you
it makes me laugh
*this is not an insult

it is an acknowledgement of your weird awesomeness