Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Latest Buzz

[ScentHive banner by Hadley Hutton]

Trish Vawter, Queen Bee of the ScentHive, has posted an interview with yours truly in which we manage to cover fragrant butterflies, Lady Gaga, and genetic engineering. Her whole site is worth a look.

P.S. For some reason this reminds me that I’m a Good Do-Bee with the official Romper Room diploma and ring to prove it—just ask Miss Mary from Channel 7 in Buffalo, New York. She’s the one who saw me with her Magic Mirror way, way back in the Sixties.

P.P.S. Great. Now I have this Slim Harpo classic going round my head.
Well, I’m a king bee
Buzzin’ around yo’ hive
Well, I’m a king bee
Buzzin’ around yo’ hive
Well, I can make honey, baby
Let me come inside

I’m young and able
To buzz all night long
I’m young and able
To buzz all night long
Well, when you hear me buzzin’, baby
Some stingin’ is going on.



~x~ said...

This was a good way to wake up.

Katy Josephine said...

Nice interview. Love that you are also a Good Do-Bee. In my world, it was Miss Julie, but I'm almost sure she never saw me in her Magic Mirror.


Anonymous said...

Romper Room was an American programme? When I was growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, pre-Troubles (I always loved that particular euphemism!) we had on Ulster Television a programme called Romper Room co-ordinated most elegantly by a Miss Helen. I would wait every day to hear if my name came up in the Magic Mirror, and it was my greatest disappointment that Santa couldn't get me onto the programme for Christmas!.
The strangest thing happened while arranging my father's funeral last October, my father ,a lifelong unknown atheist requested a memorial with 'no damned minister'. Our funeral director suggested a nondenominational speaker and in the list, who did I spy, but Miss Helen! It was very tempting, but in the end we decided against the novelty value- THAT was provided by my Dad's choice for exit of the casket from the memorial room in the crematorium, Jerry Lee Lewis's Great Balls of Fire!!