Sunday, July 11, 2010

Smelly Web Indexes: Soloists Sink with the Titanics

The Smelly Web Indexes for July 10, 2010

The Solo Blog Index
Close: 97
Change: -10 
Big movers: GrainDeMusc +9%, BoisDeJasmin +7%,  Ayalasmellyblog +6%, IndiePerfumes +6%, BitterGraceNotes -42%, JaimeLeParfum -25%, Vetivresse -14%, FirstNerve -9%,  OlfactaRama -9%, KatiePuckrikSmells -5

The Team Blog Index
Close: 131
Change: +1
Big movers: PerfumeDaRosaNegra +8%, PerfumeSmellinThings +7%, ISmellThereforeIam -10%

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close:  19
Change: -6 
Big movers: Sniffapalooza -17%

The Solo Blog Index dropped below its par value of 100 for the first time in four weeks. BitterGraceNotes slid 42% after nearly three months of steady rankings; JaimeLeParfum accelerated a four-week downturn by dropping 25%. The gas continued to leak out of the balloon as the motherships on the Corporate & Community Site Index lost six points, with Sniffapalooza losing big altitude.  Over at the Team Blog Index it was steady as she goes; the team bloggers continue to turn in very even Alexa rankings.


Katy Josephine said...

Interesting post! I just happened on your blog (the musk project brought me here), and I have enjoyed rambling through the archives.

What is your theory regarding the rise or fall of perfume blogs? I'd be interested in your opinion.

I believe it was you that addressed the group at the 2008 Sniffapalooza Fall Ball, which I attended. Your olfactory findings are very interesting, indeed.

Your feistiness is refreshing.

Avery Gilbert said...


Welcome to the FirstNerve. Hope you enjoy your ramble through the archives. I'd just started blogging when I gave the Sniffapalooza talk you heard.

I see you you've launched your own fragrance blog.

My Smelly Web Index data reveal a few consistently high-flying sites and a mad scramble among those of us with less lofty Alexa rankings.

Solo sites sometimes burn out (long-haul blogging takes stamina) and newly born ones take their place. It takes a while to reach take-off speed, so keep your hand on the throttle. Bon voyage!