Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beckham vs. Beckham: Scoreless Tie

The video for Intimately Yours, David and Victoria Beckham’s new his-and-hers fragrance set, is puzzling—and not very hot. It gets a cranky knee-jerk rejection from Aussie columnist Sarrah Le Marquand at The Daily Telegraph, while showbiz writers Sarah Bull and Rachel Quigley at the Daily Mail ask “Is this the most toe-curling Beckham advert yet?”

It also gets a cool reception from Marie-Hélène Wagner at MimiFrouFrou:
they reenact for us what might be a typical quickie-in-the-elevator for them, in-between two public commitments, the bane of a celebrity’s life.
The mechanics of the ad are odd: it gives us a glimpse into the torrid love life of a hot and famous married couple, but it’s unclear how the viewer is meant to enter the fantasy. 
“Uh, excuse me David, would you mind pressing “5” while I let your super-hot wife sniff me because I smell like you?”
Wait a sec. Maybe I’m supposed to be sniffing his wife because she smells hot. Or am I sniffing my GF because she smells like his wife? Or is my GF getting bent by Beckham because she smells like Posh? If my GF and I wear these fragrances into an elevator, will Beckham kick my ass and sniff my GF?

The hell with it . . . I’ll go with Big Pony 4 by Ralph Lauren. He’s short and I can sucker punch the bastard before we reach the lobby.

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~x~ said...

important considerations that fell by the wayside in the boardroom -- post-quickie.