Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smell Talk with Sarah and David

There may be smell scientists who fail to see the humor inherent in their chosen field but I’m not one of them. (Nor is my friend Stuart Firestein, a biology professor at Columbia University, who brags to this day that he was the first to publish the word “fart” in the august pages of Science—in the course of reviewing my book, I’m proud to add.)

I recently visited the very groovy headquarters of and taped a gonzo interview with hosts David and Sarah. The result is Smell Talk, Part 1, which you can view here. Part 2 involved my friend the perfume advisor Laura Donna and is here.


Nathan Branch said...

Avery -- Terrific interviews, both of them. Thanks for linking, they were a lot of fun. I love that you found your way onto How did that happen?

Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

Thanks! The CollegeHumor crew is a fun bunch of kidz. I'm jealous I didn't get a job lilke that after college . . .

Mandy Aftel recommended me to them. She evidently thought my brand of fart jokes would go over well there.