Saturday, April 23, 2011

Karl Has His People Spank Gerhard’s People

Gerhard und Geza

From KL’s flack:
“Mr Lagerfeld refutes his implication in the launch of the perfume Paper Passion. This project, of which Mr Steidl told him about, only emanate from the art books’ publisher himself. Mr Lagerfeld copublishes many books with Mr Steidl but stick to Coty Prestige when it is about his own perfumes’ creations.”

Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schön, who had already revealed the theme notes for Paper Passion, is probably not feeling the love either.

Celebrity fragrances have officially entered their Decadent Phase, when members of the entourage feel free to grab the spotlight by pre-announcing fragrance deals.


~x~ said...

do you think this is like depression era expensive "joy" perfume in terms of americans wanting luxury but being unable to afford larger items or travel?..or because they're international it's just sorta beyond just our little economic crisis?

Perfumeshrine said...

Obviously there should be some legality issue involved in this if it prompts official statements. Otherwise I would believe that free publicity is free publicity after all. Or isn't it?

Avery Gilbert said...


I doubt Herr Steidl is responding to market forces. If there's a Depression-era analogy, he's Daddy Warbucks in a top hat being driven around in a limo with a long hood.

Avery Gilbert said...


I think Steidl and Schön are guilty of marketing misdemeanors. They should be sentenced to read all of Donald Trump's books to learn how to get attention like the big boyz.