Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Ersatz Perfume Deals from Germany

As celebrity fragrance enters its Decadent Phase, Germans are in the avant garde:
Clarence House smelled a rat today when a German perfumer claimed to have created the fragrances to be worn by Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day.

Hamburg-based Kim Weisswange claimed she spent seven weeks in her lab perfecting the scents to secret recipes using more than 90 ingredients.

Miss Weisswange, 47, who said she made three scents for the Queen’s 80th birthday in 2006, claimed the order came in a phone call from the Palace, and said the two new perfumes “underline the character and personalities” of the couple.
Miss Weisswange even went to the trouble of creating mock-up bottle designs. She was written up here (auf Deutsch), and you can also catch her on YouTube, thrusting her Nase into one rose after another and working in her Laboratorium. Question: Big-time perfumers compose by weight, not volume, so why all the graduated cylinders in her lab? And why on earth would she compound smelling samples in a huge Ehrlenmeyer flask? [Relax, it’s just a PR video for the rubes.—Ed.]


Ross said...

But why would the British Royal house use a perfumer who was not English?

Anonymous said...

Because the British Royal house is more German than English

The Frowzy Chickadee said...

They could sell the perfume after the wedding to help pay for the wedding--I'm sure along with the ring-replica, many would love to own the scent.

Perfumeshrine said...

Programmatically agreeing with Anon (as our very own ex-royals are 100% foreigners actually) but noticing the alarming trend on the Netz recently that anyone can state whatever they well please and then sit back and enjoy the repetition through endless media of transport. It's scary actually.

Avery Gilbert said...


Nothing wrong with creating a royal wedding perfume to call attention to one's skills. (But if nobody gets to smell it, can we be sure it was even formulated?)

Falsely claiming to have done it on request of the palace, or claiming to have a deal in place, is just sleazy. Smells of desperation rather than skill.