Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big BO in Bollywood B.O.?

This sounds interesting.
Aiyyaa, set in south India, revolves around Meenaxi, a middle-class Indian girl torn between fantasy and reality. When Meenaxi finds her Prince Charming, a rumored drug addict, she isn’t attracted to him for his looks or intellect but for his lingering scent. 
The romantic comedy, which marks the Bollywood debut of Marathi filmmaker Sachin Khudalkar, was widely touted to be Rani Mukherjee’s comeback movie.


Carol said...

Thanks - I do want to see this now as I'm a BO fan (up to a certain point, that is)

Avery Gilbert said...


Me too. Save me an aisle seat!

There was a Bollywood Palace type theater in nearby Bloomfield but it went bust. There's supposed to a multiplex in Bergen Co. that features Indian films. My fantasy is that you can buy a Coke and some somosas in the lobby . . .

Unknown said...

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