Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hunkered Down


The lawn furniture is stowed in the garage and the pantry is full of canned beans. There are still a few windows left to tape but otherwise FirstNerve Manor is about as prepared as it’s gonna get.

Let 'er blow!

UPDATE October 31, 2012
Roof on, basement dry. Power on (most of town not so lucky). Internet down (borrowing neighbor's cellular WiFi).

UPDATE November 5, 2012
Power on, power off. Internet spotty. Five hour wait for gas. Know the chief of police? Then zip right to the front of the line. (It's a Jersey thing.) Six days after the hurricane the cavalry arrives in the form of two dozen Entergy utility trucks from Arkansas. Good old boys with accents thick enough to cut with a knife. Within minutes they're up in buckets fixing lines. No power? No problem. Arkansas is on the job.


Carol said...

You better have extra water, too! Be safe.

Wait, canned beans? *holds nose*

queen_cupcake said...

Be safe, Avery. @Carol, do you think that's what he means by "let 'er blow"?

Carol said...

hahaha, I think so! ;)

Avery Gilbert said...

Carol & queen_cupcake:

Thanks for the thoughts.

In my opinion, a weather system with < 1,000 mb of pressure represents an ideal time to eat beans.

Olfacta said...

Glad you're ok.