Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The FirstNerve BurrOmeter: La Nuit de L'Homme by YSL

Name Drops: 7
Anne Flipo
Dominique Ropion
Pierre Wargnye
Olivier Martinez
Christian Bale
George Clooney
Vincent Cassel
Bonus Points: 
Perfumers: 3
Actors: 4
French: 4
Consecutive appearances: Dominique Ropion 2
Movie allusions: 2
Spiderman 2

Nonsensical fragrance description: 
definitive masculine gourmand: 1
Bonus points:
consecutive “gourmands”: 1
Total BurrOmeter reading for La Nuit de L’Homme: 24 milliburrs

Outlook: A manly masculine for men who are male.


Nathan Branch said...

"Outlook: A manly masculine for men who are male."

Way too funny.

And I thoroughly agree with you on the Nonsensical Fragrance Description part. WTH is a "definitive masculine gourmand" . . . ? Did such a thing even *need* defining?

The Left Coast Nose said...

So many mixed emotions right now...

On the one hand, I just love this so much. Chandler Burr, whom I worship, adore, and almost never agree with, needs his prose to be poked. Thank you so much for getting straight to the heart of the excesses of his style.

On the other hand, just where is Brother Burr? He hasn't posted at NYT Style for months! I wrote him the politest email imaginable, and got nothing back.

Now, must I mourn the passing of Burr's reviews AND the demise of the Burrometer!??!?!?!

I can't take this much disappointment.

Love your site-- just found it. Will be back.
Rita @leftcoastnose

Avery Gilbert said...

Rita @ leftcoastnose:

Yes, this is troubling. But let’s not bury the NYT’s first perfume critic prematurely.

On the other hand, how much do you think a lightly used BurrOmeter would fetch on eBay?