Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Worlds Collide, Pt. 2

Another mega-smell causing havoc, this time in England.

Tourists are abandoning their summer holidays on the Isle of Sheppey after being put off by a foul smell sweeping the island.
It sounds bad:
Brenda Hardman, chairman of the island’s Leysdown Parish Council, said: “It’s been awful, it’s the worst smell. People have been physically sick, it’s dreadful.”
What evil corporate industrial polluter is responsible for this outrage?

Well, uh, that would be the Thames Water utility which is distributing “lime-stabilised sewage sludge” to farmers in an effort to “reduce reliance on chemical fertilisers and waste disposal through landfill.”

Ooof!  NIMBYs 1, PC Bio-Solids 0.

Hey, can someone pass me more popcorn?

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Nathan Branch said...

Exactly. It's not always an evil corporate plot.