Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vox Perfumisti

For some thoughts on the industry’s vexed attempts to talk to consumers about perfume and how the rise of fragrance bloggers is altering the scene, check out my piece in the current issue of Beauty Fashion. You can download it at my author site here.


Nathan Branch said...

Excellent and concise article (maybe excellent precisely *because* it's so concise and to the point).

I like that you were able to get right to the core of what has been wrong with fragrance marketing for decades -- lots and lots of words and pictures with next to no genuinely useful information. The multi-million dollar, exotic locale commercials are even worse.

Swinging the other way, my eyes glaze over when people like Chandler Burr or Luca Turin start rattling off strings of molecules as if there's any meaning to be found there.

There has to be a middle ground.

"The customer sniffs but fails to find St. Barts."


Unknown said...

Hands down. Dr. Gilbert.