Monday, March 1, 2010

California Über Alles

Take a look at your future: it’s wearing the smiley face of Green facism.

Jello saw it coming back in ’79.


Nathan Branch said...

"Yet Winer, an inspector since 1991, believes that 'people don't do the right thing until they are legislated into doing the right thing.'"


EdC said...

Do you disbelieve the statement that, "[Fireplace fires are] the largest source of the region's fine particulate, accounting for 30 percent of its volume throughout the nine counties of the Air District, and as much as 70 percent in Marin and Napa."

Or do you disbelieve the statement that, "When inhaled, these particles aggravate asthma and chronic heart disease."

It seems to me that harming your neighbor is a bad thing, whether the particles are smaller than the dot on this i or 9 mm.

BitterGrace said...

Um, am I reading you right, EdC? Are you saying that lighting a wood fire is the moral equivalent of shooting people?

Thanks for that moment with Dead Kennedys, Avery. The sound of my youth...

Unknown said...

OK, I was exagerating for effect. A better parallel is to the laws on auto exhaust. But in all cases, the principle is that my freedom of action doesn't include hurting those around me. Both the damage and the penalty for lighting a wood fire are less than for shooting randomly into the night. And, if the wood fire didn't actually cause anyone health problems, I'd be against the regulations.

Avery Gilbert said...

Ed C:

The expansive definition of public health that justifies taking away your Yuletide fire has already taken away your cigarettes and transfats. It’s forced a bicycle helmet onto your head and now it’s after your salty snack foods and soda pop. Next up: your cologne—high VOC levels and potential allergens.

That some guy is “pointing an expensive infrared camera out the window of an unmarked Toyota Prius while coasting down a nighttime street at 8 mph” should alarm all lovers of freedom. Liberty needs to be defended against a regulatory impulse that admits to no limits.