Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick Sniffs

Perfume continues to make the crime blotter.

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White burgundy gone bad? Blame global warming!

The English are justifiably pissed off about public urination, but this idea smacks of desperation.  

Speaking of malodorous urine, I took a leak at Nordstrom in the Short Hills Mall this week. (In the men’s room, thank you very much.) The brand-new waterless urinals stank. This particular green inspiration leaves a lot to be desired. And it only impacts men: isn’t that sexual discrimination? Just askin’ . . .

Six million hits and climbing: signs of life in fragrance marketing?


~x~ said...

that blows.
i haven't even HAD white burgundy yet.
not to mention truffle oil, which is sposed to be good in scrambled eggs.
why does god hate me?
poop n' boodies.

Lee said...

Actually, I think the urination idea smacks of April Fool's Day.... ;-)

Avery Gilbert said...


Having never known the pleasures of truffles (I'm one of the ~40% who are unable to smell the key molecule) I can't summon up too much sympathy for you. Anyway, why go the subtle route? Shake some Tabasco on for a good time.

A good Montrachet, however, is worth the effort and $.

Avery Gilbert said...


If only . . .

~x~ said...

"urination smacks of"
who needs truffle oil when there's all this urine!

yes, well, i'd like to see if it's any good.
wine i always find a way to get into;

"hey rich friend, have you ever heard of meow meow?"