Sunday, June 20, 2010

SWI: Big Sites Gain While Others Move Sideways

The Smelly Web Indexes for June 20, 2010

The Solo Blog Index
Close: 105
Change: +1 
Big movers: PinkManhattan +17% Vetivresse +11%, Ayalasmellyblog +5%, SorceryOfScent -31%, FirstNerve -15%

The Team Blog Index
Close: 133
Change: none 
Big movers: none

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close:  50
Change: +22 
Big movers: Sniffapalooza +17%, TheDryDown +11%, OsMoz +5%

The Corporate & Community Site Index continued its recovery with impressive gains. OsMoz has now returned to levels not seen in three months. The Team Blog Index hardly budged. On the Solo Blog Index a couple of big gainers balanced out a couple of big losers.


AnyasGardenPerfumes said...

Avery, how are the stats complied? I had 25,000 visitors after the NYT story hit, all from about June 10 to June 17 or so. I went to one site and it showed I had 57 hits in May - ahem. Many times that per day, according to my statcounter. I guess you check on Alexa?

Avery Gilbert said...


I use the Alexa web site traffic rankings as the basic data. I've noticed a distinct lag between traffic changes measured by my site meter and when the difference is reflected on Alexa. Also: it feels like Alexa is time-weighted, so steady build in traffic over several weeks has more impact that a single pulse. Although 25,000 hits is very impressive. (I am not worthy!)