Thursday, April 14, 2011

Restart the Countdown: Jackson Fragrance Launch Has a New Date

March 7, 2011, the initial launch date for the Joe Jackson-Julian Rouas Paris fragrances came and went. I noted the non-event here and figured the project had imploded. Today someone logging in from Las Vegas and signing herself “Cynthia Marven” left a comment on that previous post. Here it is in full:
FYI- The Exclusive Launch Party for the Jackson-JRP fragrances are still on. The reason it didn't occur in March, 2011 as was originally planned, was because Mr Jackson was tied up with other commitments overseas. We did finalize our meeting last night, i.e., Wednesday, April, 13, 2011 with Mr Jackson, business partners and associates. The official date for the launch is June 9, 2011, Lord willing. As of this moment, we are working on the official program and invitations/accreditations to our invited guests, sponsors, investors, distributors, press etc., etc.,. By God's grace, we can make it happen. Thanks for the blog! Cynthia Marven April 14, 2011 5:24 PM

So Julian Rouas, Joe Jackson and Ms. Marven have given themselves another two-month window in which to produce the product. Or have they?

Well, the FirstNerve comment jibes with what a Cynthia Marven has been posting on the Jackson Fragrance Facebook page. So we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and check back in June.

A bientôt!


Alex said...

Oh NO... the Creepshow continues!

Avery Gilbert said...


"Creepshow." Heh. That's it exactly. Think I'll use it if you don't mind!