Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Smelliest Public Places in America

Responding to another post on National Review’s group blog The Corner, Jonah Goldberg opens comments to solicit nominations for the Smelliest Public Places in America. At the moment there are 88 nominations, many of them familiar to readers who follow FirstNerve’s ongoing series on American Smellscapes. Worth checking out.


EdC said...

Notice that smelly means (at least the the National Review audience) "smells bad."

I personally kind of liked driving past the refinery on my way into Philly. It was a temporary blast but more interesting than nasty. And I wasn't working on my sense of smell then. Anyone else like refineries?

Avery Gilbert said...


I guess bad smellscapes leave a more emotionally charged memory than nice ones. Jonah Goldberg did try to steer the nominations away from the obviously and necessarily bad sources, like sewage plants and garbage dumps. But that's where the sh*t hits the fan, so to speak: country folk and newly arrived suburbanites disagree on the hedonic value of manure.

I'm neutral to negative on oil refineries but I really like the smell of fresh, hot roofing tar or asphalt.

Mmmmm . . . asphalt.

EdC said...

How are you on creosote soaked telephone poles baking in the summer heat? That was a negative part of my gorwing up in Texas. So I'm negative on andy Tauer's Lonestar memories. But you might love the stuff.