Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Night Briefs

Another Corpse Flower blossoms, exciting villagers in St. Austell, Cornwall, Middleofnowhereshire, England. A “rare event”? Well, maybe as rare as Barbra Streisand farewell concerts.

Olfactory memories of high school. Ah, good times, good times . . .

We brought up the late Leslie Nielsen in comments recently, to mention his love of fart jokes. But he may have taken it a little too far. [For real?—Ed.]

We met Jenny Tillotson in NYC the other day and were impressed. She’s working on biosensors and scent-releasing microtechnology engineered into the fabric of clothes. Neato!


EdC said...

OK, I don't see Aromatherapy on the BROWSE BY TOPIC list. And my copy of WTNK is at home. So I don't know if you believe smells can manipulate our emotional or physical states. My own limited experimentation suggests, not. So I see aroma-delivering clothing as a more expensive delivery system for something useless. Or, it's a status symbol.

Avery Gilbert said...


I don't think smells have silver-bullet effects, in other words that odor X has effect Y on most people. But smells are a ready medium for psychological associations and, if set up properly, can help a person move from one mental state to another. For example, get focused before a game or performance. So a wearable scent delivery system that responds to stress cues, for instance, could alert you that you need to stop, take a deep breath and relax.

Or tell you that your head hasn't moved in 35 minutes and it's time to push back from the laptop . . . Gotta go!