Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Smelly Web Indexes for June 26, 2011

The Solo Blog Index

Close: 96
Change: +10
Big movers: SorceryOfScent +38.4%, FirstNerve +28.0%, OlfactaRama +12.5%, NathanBranch +8.6%, BonkersAboutPerfume +8.3%, PinkManhattan -14.5%, FragranceBouquet -14.1% IndiePerfumes -8.7%,

The Team Blog Index
Close: 121
Change: +4
Big movers: none

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close: 25
Change: -16
Big movers: TheDryDown -10.6%, Sniffapalooza -10.9%

The Corporate & Community Blog Index got hammered this week. It hasn’t been this low since November/December of last year. There was a fifth consecutive weekly decline at Sniffapalooza, and a fourth at TheDryDown, while BaseNotes eked out its first gain in seven weeks.

One of those periodic bouts of Alexa turbulence hit the Solo Blog Index this week. There were lots of big movers, but the gainers were more numerous and bigger than the losers which pulled the SBI up.

A nice uptick kept the Team Blog Index in the narrow 117 to 123 range it has occupied for the past six weeks.

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