Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Madonna: Truth or Royalties

“Madonna’s Fragrance Truth or Dare Sets a New Trend in Celebrity Scent.” That’s the grabber headline from the UK’s Grazia Daily. It’s anchored by this quote from Mark Tranter, the fragrance and beauty buyer at Selfridges:
“The new generation of celebrity fragrance seem to have very specific launch strategies, with strong marketing campaigns and a focus on the scent itself rather than just the celebrity.”
Yeah, if you say so, pal.

So what does it smell like?
innocent girly florals and heady, sexy vanilla and caramelized amber notes.
That sounds like the suburban tween to sixteen market. But according to Frangrantica, “the fragrance is for women from 25 to 45, with the group of 35-45 as the primary aim.”

Makes sense, since Madonna herself is 53. But why are the marketers gunning for the Aspirational Menopausal demographic using Just Hit Puberty fragrance notes?

[You’re sounding a little bitchy.—Ed.] [Hey, Jessica Misener at the HuffPo got there first.]

Guess we’ll just have to wait and sniff.

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