Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Does Lady Gaga Puke 3.0 Times More Often Than Justin Bieber?

Gaga v. Bieber might become a recurring feature.

Is this what Coty Beauty SVP Global Marketing Steve Mormoris meant by “random propulsion”?

Speaking of feeling a bit queasy, focaccia “with the texture of kitchen sponges” was among the kinder comments in the New York Daily News review of Joanne Trattoria, the restaurant opened by Momma and Poppa Gaga. Dinner won’t sit any better after you read The Smoking Gun on the restaurant’s potentially fatal “C” rating from the Department of Health.

Meanwhile, I wonder how Team Coty is feeling about those $100 million sales projections after Gaga blows off hundreds of fans at the London debut of Fame at Harrods?
Lady Gaga booed at perfume launch
Angry fans booed Lady Gaga last night after she arrived over an hour late for a public appearance and then dashed indoors before many had even caught a glimpse of her.
Some people strive to become celebutards, others are just born that way.

And now we know why the Gagster invited aging has-been and publicity addict Yoko Ono to Fame’s New York launch party last month. G gives O some lens time and O returns the favor with an OdorOno LennonOno Peace Prize.

Am I being to cynical? Consider this: “The size of the award has never been disclosed.”

If it was big money it would be part of the PR campaign. This argues for it being a simple quid pro quo. One good photo opp deserves another.

Almost three years ago I had a feeling we’d see a Dead Celebrity Fragrance from Yoko Ono. Early FirstNerve commenter Nathan Branch liked the idea of Yoko by Yoko. But I’m thinking Lennon by Ono can’t be too far in the future.


Nathan Branch said...

I would have thought I'd preferred Ono by Yoko. Much catchier.

But I hadn't heard about the disappointing London launch for "Fame" -- I have a hunch that Gaga is beginning to find the continuous grind of celebrity product endorsement harder to handle than she'd first assumed.

Or maybe she's just weary from picking fights with Cathy Horyn every other month.

Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

Yet she did find time to meet with accused sex offender and fugitive crapweasel Julian Assange in London before racing off to Reykjavik, Iceland to accept her Ono.

E! now tells us it is worth $50,000.

She’s donating it to Elton John’s charity which of course will generate another photo opp. Then EJ can donate it to Bono for African relief and more photo opps. The righteous circle will never be broken!