Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Worlds Collide

I love it when PC meets NIMBY in a head-on collision. “Green” recycled sludge or olfactory nuisance? SuperFund remediation or intolerable stink?

Heh. Pass the popcorn.


Eliza said...

This another good mysterious mega-smell, though the exact source has not been uncovered. Perhaps it was Poison?


Goes to show the psychosomatic effect smell can have...(Although if there was a PA announcement at my place of work inviting me to go home, it'd be hard to resist).

Avery Gilbert said...


Some people will always take advantage. When I was in graduate school in Philadelphia there was an accident involving a SEPTA subway car that could hold maybe 50 people. About 350 people eventually filed injury claims. This being Philly, no one was particularly surprised . . .

Avery Gilbert said...

BTW there's a detailed followup story here.