Friday, January 8, 2010

The FirstNerve BurrOmeter: 1872 for Men by Clive Christian

Name drops: 2

Geza Schoen
Patricia Choux
Bonus points:
Perfumers: 2
French: 1
Tepid modifiers: 7
slightly offbeat
rather good
perhaps should top the list
almost minty
nearly edible
a slight nod
approximates its warmth
Asian bonus points: 2
Laotian benzoin
Japanese yuzu
Total BurrOmeter reading for 1872 for Men by Clive Christian: 14 milliburrs

Outlook: Lowest milliburrs ever. Lukewarm at $182 an ounce. Heavy weather ahead.


MyPerfumeLife said...

Very entertaining. I've noticed that the gloves are off when you comment on Chandler Burr and Luca Turin.

On another note - I wondered what your thoughts are about the huge success of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds? Is it just a marketing triumph. And what does its popularity say about the fragrance market in general? I would be interested to hear your opinion.

BitterGrace said...

I never read Burr's reviews anymore, but I never miss the Burrometer--I think this may mean I'm jaded.

Nathan Branch said...

I may not know what the hell Burr's talking about when he starts in on toothpaste and fur, but he performs such enthusiastic verbal somersaults that I have to give him at least grudging credit.

And he praised CC#1, which I like and which Turin panned, so . . . nuts to Turin and a gold star for Burr this time around.

The Asian bonus points cracked me up -- I want Asian bonus points!

Flora said...

Wow, that really cracks me up, I will be back to visit often!

RE: SignatureScent's question - the very same one has mystified me since the moment that godawful thing was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Who on Earth wants to smell like that?! And how has it managed to endure for so long when true masterpieces keep getting discontinued despite customers' protests?